Winter Black (Hole)

The premise is to resurrect a long running event called the “Black Hole”.  This is a winter, nighttime, (close to a) full moon, traverse of the Escarpment trail in the Catskills.  Start at sunset, or whenever you need to, and try and finish before midnight.

-Due to dangerous winter conditions, this should be done as a group, not solo.  small groups (3-4) of similar ability is ideal.

-Emergency supplies should be carried by each group for various reasons.  This includes but not limited to first aid kit, fire starters, emergency bivy(s), extra food, water, clothes, extra headlamp and batteries, hand/foot warmers, etc.

-Follow the Escarpment Trail Run course from Rt. 23 to North Lake.  Once at the picnic area, an additional 1.6 mile road run/walk out to the gate is required, since it is locked for winter.  This requires a car spot in advance.

I doubt this will ever become an “official” fat-ass.  Get some friends together , if you dare, and go for it.  Be warned, this is much more difficult than in summer, or daylight, or with aid stations.  Bailing from the route , if needed, could be harder than finishing.