The Bonticou Mile

This is a direct run/scramble up Bonticou from the Spring Farm Parking Area.

The details:

Distance – Approx. 1.0 miles

Elevation gain – Approx. 550 feet

The route is:

  1. Start in parking lot, cross road and go left up Blue “Table Rocks” trail
  2. After 200 feet turn right on Red “Crag Trail”.  Take uphill across two carriageways to “5 way” intersection.
  3. Turn left onto “Bonticou Road” .
  4. Drop left down Yellow “Bonticou Ascent Path”.
  5. Cross Blue Northeast Trail.  CAREFULLY follow Yellow Path through the boulder field scramble to the summit of Bonticou Crag.
  6. Once everyone is up, we will run down the northeast trail for a 3.5 mile total run.

bonticou ascent

This is a “Fun Race”.  Meaning try and go fast if you want but it is not cut-throat competitive.  It will be self timed.

Disclaimer – This is not a sanctioned Mohonk Preserve event.   It is for FUN.  You are responsible for your own safety.  If you are not a member, you should pay the $12/person fee at the trail head.