Springle 2015


SUNDAY April 12, 2015

34 or so brave soles (17 souls) came out and braved the toughest rails in the Gunks on the most beautiful day imaginable.  70 and sunny, just how we like it.  Everyone finished in Ellenville with a nice big smile on their face and a touch of sunburn.

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 10.01.10 PM

Saturday April 11, 2015

The date change was no good for many people that had already made plans to run Saturday so there were also 13 or so people that traversed the ridge from south to north in less than ideal conditions.  The skies were sunny but the air was chilly and the winds were strong.  In addition, the trails were very wet, snowy, wet, icy, and wet.


Did I mention the trails were wet??


Thank you to everyone that showed up for the run, it was a blast!!!

Here are are a couple great write ups from Saturday and Sunday runnings this year.



Thank you Amy and Pete for taking the time to write about your experiences!!


3 Responses to Springle 2015

  1. Joe Limone says:

    So if we’re spotting cars, where should we leave a car? Is there an address I can just throw into a GPS?

  2. d says:

    berme road park in Ellenville

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