SPRINGLETRACK – The idea with the name is to celebrate the arrival of SPRING with a long SINGLETRACK run across the Shawangunk Ridge.   It is held in the beginning of April, the actual date depending on snow conditions.

1.  The Springletrack is a group fun run, not an organized race.  You can run as fast or as slow as you want and you are 100% responsible for yourself.

2.  The 26 mile course over the Shawangunk Ridge is on as much singletrack as possible, and is in the Spring (thus the name)

3.  It follows the classic fat-ass format, free, no aid, no registration, and NO COURSE MARKINGS AT ALL, THAT’S RIGHT NONE!!

4.   It’s a self-determined staggered start format.   Try and finish no later then 4 pm.  Start as early as you need to, it is a fat-ass after all.

5.  Since this starts on Mohonk preserve property, you will need to buy a day pass if you are not a member ($12 fee)

6.  The directions(link above) are very clear about where to go, and the trails are mostly easy to follow.  Buy the NY/NJ trail conference map and draw a line on it.

7.  You get a sticker if you do the whole course.

Reports from past years

From Amy

From Eric

Video from Tim and Jenn

Video from Marcus

From Pete