Fat Ass Trail Running Info



Here’s the deal…


1.  Fat-asses are FREE group fun runs, not organized races.  They support the running community over competition.  You can run as fast or as slow as you want, alone or in a group, and you are 100% responsible for getting yourself from the start to the finish.

2.  The routes are usually on marked, blazed trails and carriage roads.  Even marked trails may get overgrown and become difficult to follow.

3.  They follow the classic fat-ass format, no fee, no aid, no registration, no timing chips, and NO COURSE MARKINGS AT ALL, THAT’S RIGHT NONE!!

4.   The starting times are typically staggered, meaning there are none.   There are goal finish times however.  Each runner should start as early as they need to so all runners arrive at the finish around the same time.  This is the best way to encourage a sense of trail running community where runners get to share the trails and hang out after for food and drink.

5.   If you will be starting and/or crossing Mohonk Preserve property, you will need to buy a day pass if you are not a member ($12/person fee).  Parking at Minnewaska State Park requires a $10/car parking fee or Empire State Parks Pass.

6.  The directions are very clear about where to go for each course, if you pay attention, and the trails are mostly easy to follow.  Of course there are also some tricky navigational challenges.  Try and familiarize yourself with the route ahead of time if possible.  The NY/NJ trail conference maps are very useful, better yet download the free Avenza PDF maps app and download the NY/NJ maps and/or the free PDF maps I’ll provide for each event.

7.  You might receive a memento if you do the whole course.

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